"...Paul called me back... and it was an incredible conversation. For the very first time, I had logical answers to my questions, and I had a game plan..."

Tracey Hancock, Te Awamutu, New Zealand

I'm passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle so when I was diagnosed with cancer and agreed to chemo and radiation treatment I knew I needed a nutrition expert on my team.

I wanted to build my knowledge of nutrition, body function and the impact of chemo and radiation so I could make informed decisions about what I ate and drank during treatment and through my recovery and rebuild phase.

A friend recommended I connect with Paul and discuss what I wanted to achieve with him.

Paul's experience and knowledge has been invaluable in helping me build my own knowledge and to make choices about foods that would fuel my body without making it work too hard (it had enough to do dealing with the treatment drugs!). His practical, caring and supportive approach helped me make the necessary changes, which at times were challenging but ultimately delivered great results.

Paul and I met, via Skype, once a month right throughout treatment and we kept in touch regularly, at least weekly, to discuss how I was feeling and adjust the plan we'd agreed on for that week. Technology meant being in two different countries was not a barrier to us working together.

I'm not one to accept just being told what to do, I like to know why. Paul was great at explaining what was going on and why what he was suggesting I do was important. I felt compelled to make the changes armed with that understanding.

Combining the advice from Paul with the hospital treatment provided me with a holistic approach to managing my health. It was an approach that I could actively take part in rather than leaving it to others to decide what was best for me. After all, I know my body best and by increasing my knowledge and working with experts, such as Paul, I was able to confidently add to discussions about my health and what needed to be done.

Whether you've been diagnosed with a serious illness or are passionate about being as healthy as possible, I highly recommend talking to Paul.

Kim Davenport, Portland, Oregon

“I had the privilege of having Paul as one of my mentor's and guides while going through integrative cancer treatment in the U.S.

 Paul's knowledge and passion in teaching us about our bodies ... how it works, what it needs, what it doesn't need, what kills it, what energizes it, what breathes life into it, what it can and can’t do ... was so educational and inspirational and so life changing. His enthusiasm, never ending energy, drive and need to help and support and teach ... his willingness to learn ... to do whatever it took to help us ... well ... it helped change my life ... and save it.

 He is the real deal. He lives it. He breathes it. He loves it. It is his life.

Today I had my regular 6 month check-up. Today I can say I'm over the 3½ year mark of being cancer free. And I feel pretty good ... and I'm real damn happy about that.

Largely because of how I was inspired by Paul and his teachings, I'm in the midst of working on my own degree in Alternative Medicine, and hope to work in this field myself .. to be able to help others, as Paul does. Yep ... THAT inspirational.

Thank you Paul for all your help and devotion, determination and inspiration.”

Robert Malit, Los Angeles, California

“You too can defeat cancer and all kinds of diseases. I am a living testimony of what Paul does. Call him!”

Brenda Ohara, Auckland, New Zealand

I found Paul to be an enthusiastic and knowledgeable advocate for health of the body. As I was concerned about cancer and chemotherapy, it was wonderful to be able to discuss what was needed to help combat the disease and at the same time feed and nourish my system.

Paul has great experience and his personable nature made it so easy to question and discuss what was required to improve the natural health of the body. I took on board many of Paul's ideas and incorporated them into my lifestyle today knowing that I am doing the best I can and that it is based on years of gained knowledge.

Thank you Paul

Brian Maltby, Denver, Colorado

I was diagnosed with a 6.3 PSA on 6/30/2008 with a retest of 6.0 on 7/8/2008 at the age of 43. I immediately began an internet research campaign as well as seeking medical advice - heavily concentrating on oncologists and urologists. A retest on 9/23 resulted in a PSA of 6.4 with a Free PSA of .48 (7.5%). The only response that the allopathic community could give me was to immediately be scheduled for a biopsy with an immediate removal of the prostate. I wanted to try anything less invasive first to see if I could respond better to it. None of the oncologists would agree, stating that we had to have a biopsy and with scores such as mine, at my age, would mean a better than 90% probability of prostate cancer.

I began a course of treatment that I had collated from the internet and from various books about the subject. I had success and saw my PSA drop to 5.6 with a Free of .46 (8.2) on 1/23/2009. Success - Right?? Well on 3/20/2009 I tested again at PSA 6.6 and Free had gone to .53 (8%) which was a bad reversal. I had lost weight from 152 lbs down to 126 lbs as I supplemented and tried (AND TRIED HARD) to become pH balanced with a trend toward alkalinity. I was now very worried as I was having strange pains and groin pain as well. I even tried a Naturopath. I was getting worried and nervous that I was on the wrong path and I didn’t know where to turn as there is very little help available, and what is - is suspicious.

I had seen a month before on TV a program that listed An Oasis of Healing as one of the places that has had positive results in treating the prostate. I did some research and it seemed like a viable option, so I called them. After I found out the rates, I realized that without insurance help I could not afford to utilize them. One of the very friendly ladies that answered the phone suggested I have a much reduced fee conversation with Paul Harper that could perhaps allow me to tweak and answer some of the many questions I had. I was desperate and decided that it was still less than the Naturopath and not a waste of valuable time and money.

Paul called me back on 3/26/2009 and it was an incredible conversation. For the very first time, I had logical answers to my questions, and I had a game plan. He went over all of the supplements that I was taking, gave me specific dietary advice and logical reasons on why I shouldn’t be eating the way I was. The conversation was eye opening and illuminating and frankly… reassuring. Yes, I had gotten the research right; I just hadn’t put it together correctly. Paul put those elements together. With a paring of all the supplements down to a few truly beneficial ones, I was able to save enough money that the session with Paul was more than paid for. I learned so much that I didn’t know, that I was able to start saving money on my food bill and I no longer had to waste my money on protocols that weren’t showing any results.

Now you’re probably asking why I am writing this… My PSA went back down to 5.9 and my free went to 8.3% in June. I also have done a PCA3 test with a resulting 12 on the scale, meaning I have a very low chance of cancer of the prostate. But that isn’t why I’m writing. I’m writing because I have had remarkable other results. My cholesterol dropped from 235 down to 140 as well as all of the other blood work coming out really fantastic, but most of all I feel great! My diet has been improved, thanks to Paul, so that I am now regaining weight (that is a direct result of his advice on diet) and my pocket isn’t making me depressed.

My father had prostate cancer and a tumorous kidney that had to be removed; I do not want his legacy to be mine. But I was following his path until Paul pointed out a better direction. I know that if I need his assistance and guidance, he is only a phone call away or an e-mail waiting to be read - that is quite a comforting thought.

One thing though…if you aren’t ready to make the tough changes and the tough decisions to live (and changing your lifestyle is extremely difficult), then all of the best advice and help will not do you any good.

To close, I can only say this …  Thankyou Paul Harper!

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